24/7 Support & Training


SafeEx offers a unique support package with the possibility of 24/7 support. SafeEx has extensive training courses and a support system to help you with any problem, you may encounter.

All tickets submitted by the users are gathered.

The tickets are divided into four severities with individual time-frames, ensuring the most critical are resolved firstly*:


SafeEx support table


*SafeEx Support is open within normal business hours: 08:00 to 17:00 CET/CEST (on Danish business days). Gold Level Support with calendar hours support is available at an additional cost.

SafeEx Training

SafeEx offers 5 training courses

SafeEx offers 5 types of training courses at an ascending level to accommodate the level of users:

1. SafeEx Basic Competency Training

  • Introduction to the basic system infrastructure and requirements
  • Awareness of supported devices and RFIDs
  • Mobile device preparation and operation
  • Limited web system operation

2. SafeEx Advanced Competency Training

  • Refreshment of relevant Basic training
  • Web system operation

3. SafeEx Expert Competency Training

  • Refreshment of relevant Advanced training
  • Full web system operation

4. SafeEx Administrator Competency Training

  • Refreshment of relevant system training
  • Administration training

5. SafeEx Instructor Competency Training

  • Refreshment of relevant system training
  • SafeEx training requirements training
  • SafeEx instruction strategy training