Software Modules

We are always developing our software to include more features, easing your everyday work. By adding on some of our current software modules, you can modify the product to match your exact needs and requirements. Read about our modules and see how you can use them.


SafeEx software modules: Management Overview

Management Overview Module

You can sign in to the web system and see an instant overview of all units’ status with the SafeEx Management Overview module. It displays all units as tiles that adapt their color according to the current unit’s status:

  • Instant overview of all units’ status
  • Easy navigation to activity and open observations
  • Calculation of status based on customer’s criteria
  • Automatic alert if status changes (by safety critical observation(s))

You set the criteria for when the status changes. The Management Overview Module functions as a link between onshore management and offshore activities.


SafeEx software modules: planning module - preventive maintenance
Planning Module

This module enables you to create activities as tasks and assign to specific users. These will be prompted, once the user(s) has signed in on the handheld device. Furthermore, you will be able to manage and schedule the tasks as campaigns.

  • Assign to rightful personnel
  • Set time interval and due dates
  • Alerts if planned activities are not completed in time
  • Create task and campaign templates for re-use

Stay ahead of your maintenance by easing your planning.


 SafeEx software module: Notification module
Notification Module

This module adds functionality to the regularly digital notepad included in the core product – features severity, location, involved personnel etc. It can be used to report incident and safety notes. You can:

  • Add recipients based on unit/category
  • Add print report option based on category
  • Add different form layouts

The notifications are reported directly on the handheld device and synchronized to the web system – and, of course, the assigned personnel is automatically notified if critical.


 SafeEx software modules: Drawing module.
  Drawing Module

Your General Arrangement Drawings function as a base for the entire system. However, with this module, you can add the following features:

  • Re-position equipment directly on drawing (handheld device)
  • Export the drawings with equipment tag-markers on
  • Export the drawings with a dynamic letterhead
  • Print the tags with the actual tag number

… and much more.


 SafeEx software modules: Reporting module
 Reporting Module

Besides the basic reports included in the core product, the reporting module adds the functionality of decentralizing reporting across the system. Furthermore, it includes the possibility of generating customizable reports. You can base your reports on a selection of equipment, groups, areas etc.


 SafeEx checklist module: Example of the content
Checklist Module

Creating basic checklists is included in the core product. However, by adding the checklist module you will have even more features, such as:

  • Uploading existing checklists yourself
  • Adding advanced checks, such as aggregation of values based on multiple replies
  • Setting prerequisite actions, such as Isolation, Safety talk, inspection etc.

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