Photos & attachments

Carry your photos and attachments digitally

With the SafeEx software application there is no need to bring external cameras and attachments separately. Nor is there any need to bring a bunch of certificates, manuals, drawings and what not, when conducting your routines. It is all digitally stored in the software and available on the handheld device! All you need is to synchronize the data, and you should be good to go.

The handheld device has an internal camera, which allows you to take a photo of any equipment and found non-conformities. These are directly attached to the specific piece of equipment and/or non-conformity, and automatically uploaded to the web system. This means, that you do not have to upload the files from your camera to your computer, find the right piece of equipment, enter data and attach the file – it is already done with the SafeEx software.

Also, certificates, manuals, drawings and so on, are uploaded and attached to the piece of equipment directly in the web system. When the data is synchronized, the information is ready on the handheld device. This means, that when scanning the equipment’s RFID chip, the system loads the photos and attachments, so you can view them instantly.

Take photo with handheld device
Just take the photo and save – SafeEx does the rest!
Attachments on tablet
Zoom, pan and scroll in the certificate – more functions than a piece of paper!








Photos & attachments