System Requirements FAQ

Q: Which operating system do I need to have to install the SafeEx Software?
A: You will need a newer version than Windows XP.

Basic requirements FAQ

Q: Can I use my own server for the SafeEx Software?
A: Yes, this is possible.
Q: How do I download the software?
A: There are two possibilities: 1) If SafeEx delivers the handheld devices, the software is already implemented. 2) If you buy the handheld device yourself, SafeEx will deliver a link from where the software is available to download.

Handheld devices FAQ

Q: Can I buy the handheld devices myself, or do I have to buy it from SafeEx?
A: Yes, you can buy all the hardware yourself, if you prefer.
Q: How do my inspectors write on the handheld device?
A: The screens are touchscreens. When using gloves, some prefer to use the pen that follows with the handheld device.
Q: How does the SafeEx Software know which inspector conducted the inspection?
A: The inspector has to log in with an individual username and password on the handheld device in order to start the system. Furthermore, the RFID Chip mounted on the equipment has to be scanned in order to initiate an inspection. The system tracks all actions connected to this user.
Q: How are login and registration of new users handled?
A: At least one of your personnel will be trained as a ‘super user’, able to sign up new users and administrate the system.
Q: What if the handheld device breaks down, will I lose my data?
A: No, only the data entered after the latest synchronization is lost.
Q: Is the software limited to a certain number of users?
A: No, it can be used on as many handheld devices as desired – for the period of the contract.

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Q: Can I use barcodes instead of RFID Chips?
A: Yes, you can. But we recommend using RFID Chips, as they are not effected by e.g. mud and dirt.
Q: Can I buy my own RFID Chips?
A: Yes, just as long as they follow SafeEx’ specifications. They have to be compatible with the SafeEx Software.

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If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.