Core Product

Core Product of SafeEx

The SafeEx core product can be used as is. The concept of the SafeEx system is that you can “pour” in the content, adjusting it to your precise needs, meaning that it is built to be as customizable as possible. On it you can find your attributes, checklists, register, criteria for alerts and so on.

The basic functionality for the web system is:

  • Inbox
  • Activities (inspection, maintenance and other action records)
  • Equipment (equipment register – tag and model data)
  • Export (simple export of activities and equipment register)
  • Admin panel (Options according to enabled modules)

You can read more about the software here.

Core product basic functionality: Handheld device
  • Register and update equipment
  • Re-position equipment
  • Perform checks (activities)
  • Add photos of equipment and found non-conformities
  • Digital notepad
  • Synchronize with web system

You can read more about the device or see a video of how it works.