Automated alerts

Instant alerts if any critical issues occur

How do you feel about knowing exactly what is going on right when it happens? With SafeEx you can decide when and what you want to know with the automated alerts: receive an email of any non-conformities? Or receive an email of any status change? Just to make sure you are not overloaded with (not so critical) information, you just tell us the criteria for the automated alerts – and we will set it up! This way you will be able to stay ahead and react in the right time.


The SafeEx system sends an automatic alert based on your criteria, notifying the rightful people in time.
When a unit is red-flagged, the system sends an automated alert by email – based on your criteria, of course.
Reported from the field

All alerts reported from the field are gathered in the SafeEx web system. This means, that if they do not meet the criteria you set for the automatic alert, you can always find them. Details about the alert contains the tag number for the equipment, by whom, date and time. Furthermore, it contains the failed check and the answer/observation.

For example:

  • Check: Record pressure reading from upper pressure gauge
  • Answer/observation: 73.0 Bar
  • Range: 60.0 – 70.0 Bar

The above example will create an alert, as the reading exceeds the pre-defined range. This will be synchronized to the web system and located in the units’ inbox. If it exceeds the criteria, you have set for the alerts, the system will automatically send the information to the rightful personnel – which you of course appoint.

The SafeEx web system gathers alerts and details

Example of an alert in the web system inbox. You can always examine the issue to see more information, such as area, photos, comments etc.

Knowledge is power! Learn more about how it works here. Or contact us, and we will be happy to show you how.


Automated alerts