Auto-generated reports

Generate reports with just a few clicks

SafeEx features various types of reports, which you can create with a few clicks directly in the SafeEx web system – no more handwritten notes, you can’t decipher!

The standard types are:

  • Status report: Details a status definition of all your areas
  • Tag register: Details all tagged (with RFID chip) equipment’s data and status
  • Simple observation list: Details of status, remarks, date, inspection type and tag data of found non-conformities
  • Observations report: Same as Simple observation list, though with much more information to include, e.g. photos.

The generated report is exported in either an excel or PDF format, ready to be downloaded and printed for your archives.

SafeEx also offers more customer-specific types of reports, such as check-log, progress, campaign report and so on – just tell us what you need.

Auto-generate reports with a few clicks!
A little snip of how easy it is to create reports: Just tick-off the content, you want, and the system generates the report!

Read more about the SafeEx software here, or see it for yourself!


Auto-generated reports