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about us

SafeEx is a software development company that aims to digitally transform manual inspection and maintenance routines with the SafeEx software.

Initially, we were an inspection service provider for the oil and gas industry specializing in hazardous areas, also known as Ex inspections. Over the years of conducting inspections manually, we have recognized the possibility of digitizing this process.

Eventually, we have focused all our efforts on developing software that would digitally transform and improve the inspection and maintenance routines and contribute to creating a more efficient, transparent and most importantly safer environment.

Because of the origin of our company, it is often misconceived that SafeEx can handle only Ex inspections. In reality, SafeEx can handle any type of planned maintenance.


To improve the maintenance process and make it simple, transparent, efficient and stress-free for all levels of personnel.


To become an industrial standard by developing the most preferred, safe and user-friendly software for inspection and maintenance routines within the Oil and Gas Industry.

core values


We aim to be honest and straightforward towards each other and towards our clients. 


We prioritize staying united as a whole and practice trust and respect towards each other despite our differences.


We appreciate devotion to the company, practice it with our clients and expect the same in return. 


We value competency and skills but also provide an encouraging environment for improvement.

core team

René Larsen

CEO of SafeEx

"As a chief engineer with an MBA, I've spent my entire career working within the Marine as well as the Oil and Gas industry. 

At SafeEx, my responsibility is to guide and motivate my employees while maintaining a sustainable working environment but also making sure that we follow the given Strategy and are on our way towards reaching our Mission and Vision.

Besides that, I also enjoy having close contact with our global clients and partners as I believe in open cooperation where problems are solved with transparency and integrity."

Jesper Heinemeier

CTO of SafeEX

"I love technology and I have an urge to know all about how stuff works.

Despite my professional background as an electrician, I have been deeply invested in computers, mobile devices, and technology in general ever since I can remember.

As a person, my surroundings will find me highly motivated and enthusiastic about what I do as well as a creative curious guy, who isn’t afraid to try out new ideas.

At SafeEx, it is my deed to ensure that our technical team thrives and that our product is designed and developed to the fit of both today and tomorrow."

Ayshe Kodzhaibryamova

Operations Manager

"One true drive in my life has never changed – exploring new areas, ideas, methods, cultures while celebrating the differences I uncover.

At SafeEx I enjoy the flexibility of having two different roles, both of which are closely connected to client satisfaction.

With regard to quality control, my main responsibility is to make sure that our product meets the quality standards that we have set, having in mind the needs of all our clients.

In relation to support, I work hard to ensure that every single issue or inquiry of our clients is addressed properly. I strive for the most effective solution and/or honest and accurate reply that is delivered timely."


Jan Dirk Bokhoven

Chairman of the board and Partner

Claus Falk

vice chairman and partner

René Larsen

co-founder and partner

Henrik Andersen

co-founder and partner


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