Digitize inspection and maintenance and save 25-40%

Studies have shown that by implementing tablets and inspection software you save 25-40% on manpower used for inspection and maintenance. SafeEx software is a technology market leader for inspection and maintenance. Most intuitive and user-friendly Software - Designed for Inspectors The software is designed by former inspectors with many years of offshore experience. This makes the software the most intuitive and user-friendly on the market. The software structures the incoming data based on layout drawings. The internal planning tool guides the user through the defined tasks. All information is available on the Tablet: Diagrams, Manuals, Certificates. The inspector can take photos and add comments.

Digitize inspection and maintenance and save 25-40%

SafeEx is a stand-alone equipment inspection and maintenance software and an extension to an asset management system/enterprise resource management system. It manages inspections and maintenance routines via web system, where a user, e.g. a Project Supervisor, manages the daily tasks.Read more


The SafeEx software application utilizes hardware in the form of both handheld devices and RFID chips. All approved for Zone 1 and 2, of course. Your routines are initiated by scanning the RFID chip with the handheld device.Read more

24/7 Support & Training

SafeEx offers a unique support package with the possibility of 24/7 support. SafeEx has extensive training courses and a support system to help you with any problem, you may encounter. All tickets submitted by the users areRead more

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SafeEx has a multi-purpose platform, meaning it is built with customization in mind. The core product can be used as is, containing the most essential functionality. You can add-on modules to modify it to your needs. We have even pre-designed software packages to a specific need, for example Ex Maintenance.

Core Product

The SafeEx core product can be used as is. The concept of the SafeEx system is that you can “pour” in the content, adjusting it to your precise needs, meaning that it is built to be as customizableRead more

Software Modules

We are always developing our software to include more features, easing your everyday work. By adding on some of our current software modules, you can modify the product to match your exact needs and requirements. Read about ourRead more

Software Packages

The software packages by SafeEx are pre-designed with content for a specific routine or industry, easing your work. An example is the Ex maintenance package, which includes checklists that complies with the IEC 60079-17 standard. These are even updated byRead more

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Customers and distributors

Here is some of our customers and distributors! We are proud of working with every single one of them.

  • Petronas
  • BW Offshore
  • DONG Energy
  • ESIT Tech-Services
  • K2 Velosi
  • Seadrill
  • STS Plin d.o.o.
  • Semco Maritime
  • Karsten Moholt
  • Noble Drilling
  • HazTech Solutions